Aslı Saban

Independent Consultant / Project Management / Research-Third Party Monitoring / Gender-Child Protection / Semi-Nomad Community

About ME

I am an independent consultant, bringing to the table nine years of experience in project management, research, third-party monitoring, and evaluation across diverse regions, including Türkiye, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt. My primary focus lies on serving the needs of semi-nomadic communities, such as the Middle East Gypsy/Romani populations and seasonal agriculture workers, with a strong emphasis on child protection and gender issues in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.
Currently residing in Türkiye, I have delivered a range of services to local organizations, international agencies, and research companies throughout the MENA Region.


My CV is available upon request.


Before embarking on my consultancy journey, I accumulated over nine years of professional experience in the non-profit sector and government institutions. During this time, I served as a social worker, researcher, and project director.
I’ve recently become affiliated with the International Migration Institute at Lebanese American University as a visiting fellow. My work has extended to include academic publications and active participation in discussions related to the field of migration.
Since 2015, I’ve broadened my professional and research scope beyond areas such as child protection, gender-based violence, and issues related to migration with multiple vulnerabilities, child labor, and labor rights. Drawing from my background as a social worker, my aim is to enhance my qualitative research skills and tailor them to better meet the specific needs of international development and local organizations.

Networks and Awards

I have involved in several international networks, Women for Impact, Leadership and Development, (WILD) Global Psychosocial Network. (GPN)

I was selected and awarded by some   organizations and institutions;